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Hiking Gear

7 essential hiking gear should keep with you when hiking

Having the right set of hiking gear can be the difference between having a successful hike and a miserable one.

Hiking is without a doubt an enjoyable and healthy way to spending time for people of all ages. Whether you are an experienced hiker or newbie, it is crucial to note the importance of having essential hiking gear. This is because without them, your hiking experience can be awful and even fatal in extreme cases. This article describes about the 7 most important hiking gear that you should always have with you.

1. First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

First of all, we keep First Aid Kit as a first essential hiking gear because when out on a hike, you and your companions are exposed to all sorts of dangers. You may get injuries along the way or get sick due to infections or even insect bites. For these reasons and more, you always need a first aid kit that is supplied with all sorts of necessary medical supplies such as pain killers, surgical gloves and bandages. This will ensure you can handle emergency and prevent further complications.

2. Survival water filter

Survival water filter

One thing that you do not want to lack on a hike is water. However, your journey may often take you to places where the only water you have access to may be contaminated. In such a situation, you need to drink and go ahead with the journey. That is why water filler is an essential hiking gear as it can be used for purifying water before taking it. This guarantees you of safe water supply throughout the entire duration of your hike.

3. GPS device

GPS device

GPS device is another essential hiking gear because when you are hiking you never know where the journey will take you. Regardless of where you head, you always need to have a sense of direction to avoid getting lost. A GPS device will make it possible for you to know exactly where you are and the possible routes. Even if you get lost, it can really come in handy as authorities can use the signals from this device to locate and rescue you.

4. Camping tents

Camping tents

We all know that camping tent obviously a good hiking gear because before going for a hike, you need to make arrangements on how you will be housed in the course of the journey. That is why investing in a good quality camping tent is such an essential thing. You need to select a tent that is not only durable but also one that will make your stay in them comfortable at all times.

5. Sleeping bags

Sleeping bags

A tent can never ever be complete without a very special hiking gear, which one is a sleeping bag. This is crucial given that you will be sleeping on the ground, where harmful organisms may be crawling on. Select a bag that is big enough to fit you. It is also important to check how soft and comfortable they are so as to get the best one.

6. Flashlight for Hiking

Flashlight for Hiking

You never know how dark and dangerous it might get on a hike. You, therefore, need to be aware of this fact to prepare adequately. One of the things that you must never leave behind is a flashlight. You need to have one that throws beams powerful enough to cut through the thickest fogs. It is always important to check whether is in the right working condition and is fully charged before parking it. So, flashlight is really an essential hiking gear.

7. Survival knife

Survival knife

A survival knife can literally be the difference between life and death when your hike goes seriously wrong. You need an item that can be able to get you through in case of such an occurrence. A survival knife is one such object. You can use it to cut plants and even hunt for small animals. In normal situations, they are useful for cutting through thick bushes as you trudge on.

A good and expert hiker always keep these 7 essential hiking gear with him/her when (s)he hiking. So, newbie should have these when they are planning for hiking.

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