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Survival Knife Best 6-in-1 Tactical Pocket Folding Knife by Grizzly Bone with Seatbelt Cutter, Glass Breaker, Fire Starter, LED Light & Bottle Opener; A MUST HAVE for Emergency Escape Also Great for Camping Hunting Hiking and Outdoor Activities; Quality Stainless Steel & Lifetime Warranty

Survival Knife Best 6-in-1 Tactical Pocket Folding Knife

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Product Description

There is one certainty in life, and that is that you will find yourself in unexpected situation, either trapped in your vehicle, out in the woods or even at home. But one thing you can always count on is the Grizzly Bone survival knife. This multi-functional tactical knife is made out of durable 420 stainless steel - making it ultra sharp. The main blade is accompanied by a build in seatbelt cutter, a glass breaker for windows, an emergency LED light, and fire starter. This multi-tool is created for all purposes and A MUST HAVE for everyone. Your ultimate all in one survival tool for disaster preparedness & emergency escape. So, stick this in your vehicles glovebox and never travel without it. Overall Features & Benefits * Incredibly light weight (5.4oz) & very easy to carry * Knife comes with a belt clip so you can carry it around easily and also include nylon pouch * Ultra sharp knife made of quality stainless steel material and anodized aluminum handle * 6-in-1 multi-functional emergency survival knife * The LED light can work up to 12 hrs on one set of batteries (Batteries included) When you need to replace them the model no is LR621; Diameter 6.5 MM, * Perfect for hiking, fishing, camping, survival or missions trips and emergency situations * Invest in Quality. Give a great gift for the ones you love that could actually save their life * 100% RISK FREE back by a Lifetime Warranty All the Essentials for Emergency Preparedness. The Grizzly Bone folding knife is equipped with some of the most vital features a survivor must possess while still keeping the size to be able to fit in the palm of your hand. The sharp serrated blade can safely cut through just about anything you'll encounter in the field, and is the perfect surface to use your fire starter with: created for a multitude of uses in any harsh environment. PERFECT FOR ANY EMERGENCY Here's a video to show you how to use this wonderful knife


  • ALWAYS BE READY AND NEVER BE UNPREPARED: The Grizzly Bone multi-purpose lock blade knife with six different functions is perfect for all occasions; use it for hiking, camping, hunting fishing, or any other outdoor activity. This is a perfect tool for emergency, survival and rescue situations. For firefighters, police, military, truck drivers, and others in that field THIS IS A MUST HAVE item. Keep a spare knife in your car for roadside emergencies.
  • THE BEST EMERGENCY TOOL MONEY CAN BUY: Premium 6-in-1 pocket-size stainless steel multi-functional survival knife with nylon pouch. Functional components include: Drop-point blade with serrated saw, bright LED flashlight (Batteries included), magnesium alloy fire starter, blade lock, bottle opener, window breaker, seatbelt cutter and pocket clip.
  • Video on how to use the knife...
  • POCKET SIZE & LIGHT WEIGHT: The knife is designed to fit perfectly into your palm. Weighs only 5.4oz, allowing you to avoid the hassle of carrying a big knife, while still enjoying all the benefits of what a big knife can offer, and much much more. The entire knife including handle is 8.5 inches long The blade is 3.5 inches long, and the whole unit is only is 5 inches when closed. This knife can be carried with the belt clip or with the nylon pouch. This ultimate multi-emergency tool is produced with
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE: The ultra sharp blade is 420 stainless steel material and the handle is made out of anodized aluminum. Perfect for self protection or give it to a friend as a unique gift item. This sleek design multi-functional survival knife is the Grizzly Bones limited edition series and backed and protected by our LIFETIME WARRANTY! Our knife is covered by a LIFETIME 100% UNLIMITED NO RISK HASSLE FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and RETURN POLICY. IF YOU ARE NOT COMPLETELY SATISFIED WITH THE QUALITY OF OUR KNIFE WE WILL GLADLY REFUND YOUR MONEY BACK. (** NOTE** Beware of counterfeit **: Grizzly Bone is the ORIGINAL CARRIER of the 6-in-1 silver limited edition Grizzly Bone survival knife. Always check sold by SELLER name under Grizzly Bone to ensure quality & warranty can be assured!)