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Top 5 girls sleeping bags for hiking and outdoor purposes

A girl’s sleeping bags is a special hiking gear which one is enough to ensure you that your daughter will be secure and comfortable in a hiking camp.

A daughter’s happiness is the joy of every parent. Girl’s sleeping bags is a source of such happiness. This is because most girls attend camps or even have sleepovers in their childhood and teenage years, it is essential to provide them with a sleeping bag that would be appropriate for such occasions. If you have been having trouble identifying the best one, then this is the post for you as we do brief reviews of sleeping bags for girls.

1. Coleman Trinidad Warm-Weather Sleeping Bag

Coleman Trinidad Warm-Weather Sleeping Bag
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Many are the times when girls go to camps in areas with fairly warm climates. In such occasions, you need to get them girls’ sleeping bags such as this that will offer them ideal temperatures of 40F to 60F thereby ensuring that they sleep comfortable throughout the night. These sleeping bags for girls have been designed with comfort in mind and therefore long enough to perfectly fit a 5’11” girl. Additionally, the girl’s sleeping bags are made of brushed polyesters with tricot lining that are not only very soft, but are also durable and machine washable. You don’t have to be worry about snags as the zippers have been designed to safely plow away the fabric.

2. Coleman Palmetto Cool-Weather Sleeping Bag

Coleman Palmetto Cool-Weather Sleeping Bag
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If what you have in mind are beautiful sleeping bags for girls that also offer your child the ultimate comfort, then this is one of those you should consider. It consists of 100% polyester with a similar proportion of cotton fillings thereby making the fabric very durable yet entirely machine washable and moisture absorbent. These types of girl’s sleeping bags keep the temperature at about 30F largely because of the Comfort Smart technology hence making it very snug. This makes it the ideal choice if they are going for camping in cool weather. It is one of the sleeping bags for girls worth checking out.

3. Wenzel Backyard Mummy Sleeping Bag – Girl’s

 Wenzel Backyard Mummy Sleeping Bag - Girl's
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Your daughter’s camps will never be the same if they have sleeping bags for girls such as this one at hand. Designed in the shape of a mummy, it wraps around the body nicely and keeps them warm to up to 30 degrees for the entire night. These girl’s sleeping bags are tailored using non-allergenic polyester fibers and hence very safe. The fabric is also very durable and will be ideal regardless of the terrain it is laid down on. This makes it the perfect choice for all sorts of outdoor adventures. The closure systems on these sleeping bags for girls include a drawstring hood and side zippers that help to keep her warm and protected.

4. Coleman 45 Degree Youth Sleeping Bag

Coleman 45 Degree Youth Sleeping Bag
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Worrying whether your child is sleeping comfortably or not in during the camp? It should be a thing of the past, at least while these sorts of girl’s sleeping bags are available. The rectangular sleeping bag for girls is designed to provide maximum comfort for children aged 6 and above. It has Roll Control and Comfort Cuff Systems that straighten the bag even when rolling and surround the face with soft fabric, respectively. In addition to the snag-free zippers, you can be able to zip together two of these bags for more room. The fabrics on these girl’s sleeping bags are ideal for machine washing and hence easy to maintain.

5. Melissa & Doug Mollie Sleeping Bag

Melissa & Doug Mollie Sleeping Bag
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Ignite your daughter’s imagination with this red girl’s sleeping bag filled with all the Sunny patch characters she loves. The polyester fabric that has been used to construct it is of the highest quality and has been thoroughly tested for safety and durability. The sleeping bag has been purposefully made long at over five feet to ensure that she has the room needed to grow into it. This is a bag that they would definitely appreciate as it is able to keep them warm and comfortable throughout the night.

You never have to worry about identifying the best girl’s sleeping bags if you are keen on the aforementioned reviews. This is because they offer you a glimpse of what you need to check out and thereby the power to pick the right one.

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